Front Window Theatre

Based in Gothenburg, ‘Front Window Theatre’ are Gustav Lejelind, Karin Wiberg and Kim Johansson 

‘Front Window Theatre’ is a traveling art project that explores the veiled narratives of the city. The starting point is the window – a transparent surface of the city's fragmented body, connecting its mental interior with the unpredictable choreography of motion in the cityscape.  

Gustav Lejelind works across different disciplines. Recurrent in his artistic practice is an investigation of how specific locations relate to stage, audience and actor. In his work, the audience is met by questions surrounding the ways in which sound and music can influence the perception of time, memories, spatial displacement, inclusion and exclusion. 

Karin Wiberg moves across musical and artistic boundaries and collaborates with other artists in addition to her work as a composer and classical musician. She works from the point of view that art can be a constructive force in society and is a member of the performing group ‘Implodera Scenkonst’ which explores alternative methods for shaping theatrical stories.

Through projected animations, shadow play and puppetry, Kim Johansson examines how animated figures and objects can influence the presence of our living bodies. The presentation of his work, developed through a persistent drawing process, can be described as a staging of visual manuscripts questioning bodily limitation, frustration and endurance.

Copyright © 2014 Kim Johansson, Gustav Lejelind, Karin Wiberg- All rights reserved.